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Retirement Savings Account (RSA) – Veritas Glanvills
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Retirement Savings Account (RSA)

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Retirement Savings Account is a retirement plan account opened by an employee and maintained by a Pension Fund Administrator for the purpose of saving towards the employee’s retirement.
The account is contributed into by the employer and the employee on a monthly basis up to retirement or exit of the employee from the organization. 8% and 10% of the employee’s monthly total emolument comprising of the Basic, Transport, and Housing allowances are contributed on a monthly basis by the employee and employer respectively. If the employer chooses to make all the contributions, he is to pay 20% of the employee’s monthly total emolument. The account is portable which means that you can change your employer and maintain the same account

To open a retirement savings account, download and fill a copy of Veritas Glanvills RSA Form. Complete all fields and submit a signed and clearly thumb-printed copy of the form to our nearest office in your location, or via email at Please call +234 7064974880, +234 8059994038, +234 8186837545 for more information.

On receipt of your duly completed form and the required supporting documents, we shall obtain a Personal Identification Number (PIN) for you through the National Data Bank (NDB) of the National Pension Commission (PenCom) and notify you via SMS.

A hardcopy of your membership certificate will be sent to the address you indicated on your RSA form. Please inform your employer/HR of your PFA details (PIN/PFA name, PFC account details) as provided on your membership certificate. Consequently, we will notify you via SMS once contributions have been remitted to us by your employer.

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